Experienced CFO/Controller and Senior Finance Management Executive with diverse experience in strategic leadership of finance and operations within public and private accounting firms. Track record of integrity, leadership, and results in driving the attainment  of  business,  revenue,  expense,  and  profitability  targets.  Expert  in  identifying  and  leading  strategic  business opportunities, analyzing value and impact across complex enterprises, and directing highly skilled teams to achieve long-term goals and objectives. Accomplished team builder and business partner who combines tactical financial expertise with strong qualifications in operations and P&L management.  Provided  high-level  strategic  consulting  services  to  public  service  companies  and  delivered  expert  financial  advisement  in  areas including healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, and utility rate cases.

Government Agency

Health  Care  Reform  –  Direct  Communication  with  CMS  and  SEC  regarding  Medicare/Medicaid  Accounting between Insurers and 3rd  party service providers. Prepared accounting proposals for reconciliations of Medicare/Medicaid payments to insurers and 3rd  party service providers.

Interested Party in Utility Rate Case

Provided technical regulatory accounting to the PSC with regard to Utility Holding company accounting  and issues related  to  the  current  rate  case  proceeding.  Prepared  accounting  proposals  to  the  SEC  regarding  Utility Holding Company Concepts as it relates to cash flow reporting. Information made part of the public record. 

Received a letter from the President of the United States: Received an email from the President regarding Transparency and Open Government.

Quoted in Web Press Release by the Sun-Sentinel

Should  Utility  Customers  benefit  from  FPL  Group’s  renewable  energy  tax credits?  Prepared/Filed  motions to  protect  legal  interests  from  both  a  shareholders  and  ratepayer  perspective  in  a  rate  case proceeding. Utilized application of Federal laws to support positions that might preempt laws at the State/Local level. 

Continued Research

Worked on the impacts of preemption from a legal perspective with regard to Healthcare/Financial regulatory reform and how Federal Preemption impacts Federal/State/Local laws. Examples included Constitutional Rights, Commerce Act, “Ex parte” Communications, Federal Unemployment Tax Act, and the Federal Administrative Procedures Act.

Financial Regulatory Reform: Direct communication with US Treasury regarding accounting for TARP funding for the banking industry.

Healthcare Reform

Received  an  email  from  a  US  Senator  to  consult  on  Healthcare  Reform  specifically  on  accounting/billing impacts related to the analysis of Federal PPACA impacts/Exchange implementation/State Medicaid expansion. Provided technical accounting emails to Federal/State Agencies including Legislative/Executive Branches of Federal/State government. 

Other strengths encompass

  • Strategic Financial & Operational Business Planning
  • Financial Analysis/Modeling & Risk Management
  • Technology/Management Information Systems
  • Capital Expenditure Analysis, Planning & Funding
  • Process Improvement Strategy Implementation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Internal Audits/Controls & Reporting
  • Financial Statement & Reporting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Revenue/Profit Optimization
  • Cash Flow Management
  • General/Tax Accounting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Revenue Cycle Management