Utilities Financial Consulting

Utilities Financial Consulting

We recognize the importance of having the right consultant for the right field. Our utilities consulting services can provide communication between senior management and business units, ensure up-to-date status with current financial and regulatory requirement, prepare SEC related reports: Annual reports, 10K’s, shareholder reports, 10Q’s and much more.

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Financial Consulting

We specialize in healthcare. Providing technical accounting email(s) to Federal/State Agencies including Legislative/Executive Branch(s) of Federal/State government, communicating with CMS and SEC regarding Medicare/Medicaid Accounting are just some of the things we can help you with.

CFO Consultants

Outsourced CFO Services

WFAP Consulting has what we believe to be unmatched CFO consulting skills based on years of knowledge. Whether it is cash flow tracking and financial planning or analyzing the company's strengths and weaknesses, our CFO services can provide all the corrective measures to put you on the right track. We provide both full-time and part-time consulting to meet your goals.

Controller Consultants

Outsourced Controller Services

WFAP Consulting is a full-service outsourced financial group. We have the financial expertise on staff that assist your present financial team or assume the necessary responsibilities. Our financial controller expertise is in tune with your strategic goals to, help prepare reports, close books, and are experienced problem solvers when challenges arise.

If you are not properly recording your business transactions and receiving up-to-date financial reports, we can help.  We are capable of performing all standard and advanced accounting tasks.  Our expertise provides for cross position knowledge so this helps to provide sound investment advice, and help achieve company-wide growth.

In business, everything is operations. We have optimized financial & operational systems for decades. Cut fat, optimize efficiency, and upgrade your legacy systems to align with your modern goals. A systems upgrade can save you time & money while preparing you for scalable growth.

Outsourced CFO Benefits

  • Existing limited financial team resources / need for a new financial strategy  to provide for stable/scalable growth or prepare for mergers/acquisitions
  • Need high-level financial expertise without the cost of in-house hire with the same experience
  • Independent Process Improvement Strategy Implementation / Strategic Business Advisor
  • Cost effective choice for companies experiencing growth, raising capital, preparing for mergers/acquisitions or mitigating a financial/operational challenge
  • Exceptional industry / project based experience
  • Decades of corporate financial experience in public, private, and non-profit sectors
  • System Conversion implementation guidance / Existing System to New System migration