CFO Consulting

Advanced financial strategy and CFO consulting is our specialty. Our expert CFO consultant(s) have decades of experience helping businesses of all industries and sizes make informed strategic financial decisions, resolve challenges, optimize systems, prepare for growth, advise on mergers and acquisitions,  raise capital, and more.

Senior Executive Management

  • Strategic / Financial Planning / Analysis
  • Short Term and Long Term Forecasting
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis / Return on Investments
  • Cap Ex Analysis / Planning & Funding
  • Mergers and Acquisitions / Due Diligence

How We Can Help

  • Short Term and Long Term Debt Financing / Refinancing
  • Bank Covenant Analysis / Compliance / Ratio Analysis
  • Short/Long Range Financial Forecasting / Modeling
  • System Conversions / Implementation / Support
  • Internal Audits / Controls & Reporting
  • Book to Tax Technical Accounting / Analysis
  • Process Improvement Strategy Implementation
  • Strategic Business Advisor

Financial Advisory Services

Having the right support is important so WFAP Consulting provides strategy and advisory for any member of your corporate team. Company decisions depend greatly on financial stability and rely on expert financial information and projections. Our CFO consultant(s) help you align your financial goals with long-term financial strategy.  Whether you have a specific problem to solve or a goal you’re looking to achieve, our high-level strategic CFO consulting services can help your organization achieve its goals.

Forecasts & Budgeting

The numbers don’t lie and we all know that every company is driven by the numbers produced. Our CFO consultant(s) can help you understand these numbers and use them, in conjunction with current economic trends, to help develop accurate forecasting and budgeting procedures and strategies.  This empowers you to make intelligent business decisions backed by financial data.  With the proper financial information, your business will grow in a sustainable way.  And with set monthly and annual goals, you will see the benefit of strong financial decisions made from the knowledge gained.

Our CFO consultant(s) have prepared hundreds of long-term and short-term financial forecasts for clients. These forecasts help create detailed plans for achieving growth and development goals with the least amount of financial waste. These forecasts are an invaluable tool in driving budgeting and developmental decisions.

If your organization is currently suffering from cash flow issues or is simply interested in optimizing costs, our consulting CFO’s can help.  We’re experienced in dozens of industries and will use that deep industry experience to benchmark your existing financial trends and look for places where your financial activities can be optimized.

Capital Structure

Acknowledging and knowing the risks is important. Navigating the financial waters and figuring out what the right combinations are can benefit your company in many ways. Our financial expertise will help you decipher these combinations and put you on the right track to financial success. Our outsourced CFO consultant(s) can also help with raising capital and advising on strategies for mergers and acquisitions when it’s right for your financial strategy.