“If you succeed, then WFAP succeeds.”  The numbers don’t lie and we strive to provide the best possible accounting services so that not only are you informed but profitable.  

Staff Support

  • General Ledger / Account Analysis / Reconciliation
  • Automated Journal Entry Preparation
  • A/R/A/P Collections/ Vendor Analysis
  • Contract/Bill Payment Automation

Optimization of Accounting Systems and Processes

Choosing the right accounting systems and processes involves the proper evaluation of existing/new software specifications. WFAP Consulting can evaluate existing systems to make sure that current software specifications meet current company process requirements. WFAP Consulting can evaluate/recommend new system software to meet current/future company growth/size requirements.  WFAP Consulting can provide detailed analysis of existing systems (AR/AP/Payroll) which includes detailed analysis of the company’s existing accounting processes including the preparation of interim/annual financial statements. WFAP Consulting can provide solutions to help existing staff automate their daily work flow to expedite the company closing process.

Cash Flow Management

Poor cash management is probably the most frequent stumbling block but the most important tool to measure company performance.   The quick turnaround of cash flow reporting provides management the ability to make proactive/informed business decisions. WFAP Consulting can provide the expertise/guidance necessary to provide relevant information to ensure that the company can adapt to current/future cash flow requirements.  WFAP can help a company automate this process in order to prepare/forecast timely cash flow statements so that management can maximize their time on running their business with the ability to manage cash flow as needed.

Risk Assessment

Today’s business climate requires the need to be prepared.   Compliance and Fraud issues are a real threat to business profitability.   Companies must be proactive with the implementation/audit of policies and procedures in order to eliminate and the reduce the risk of Fraud.  Process reviews provide the ability to increase efficiency and maximize profitability along with providing adequate compliance controls to minimize Fraud risk.

A Mind for Increasing Profitability

WFAP Consulting diversified industry experience can provide the proper guidance to increase profitability.  Through the use of reporting and key performance indicators that are pertinent to your specific business,  management can spend more time on running the business to concentrate on growth and profitability and at the same time have comfort of where the company stands from a financial perspective.