Healthcare Financial Consulting

WFAP Consulting provides senior healthcare CFO expertise that provide guidance and hands-on help to navigate our clients through tumultuous times of change.  With over 20 years in the healthcare industry — we understand the time and resources required to manage finances and accounting teams. Our healthcare finance expertise will help you discover how to manage financial volatility.

Healthcare CFO/Senior Executive Management

  • Medicare/Medicaid Technical Accounting

  • Capitation PMPM / Private Fee for Service Accounting

  • Insurers / 3rd Party Service Provider Accounting CMS/SEC

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis / Capitation / Fee For Service Accounting

  • Reimbursement Rate Analysis / CPT Code / RVU / CMS

How We Can Help

  • Reimbursement rate Analysis / Treatment/Pharmacy/Hospital/Nursing/Durable Medical Equipment
  • Capitation PMPM / Private Fee for Service Technical Accounting Analysis
  • Utilization reconciliation / Capitation PMPM
  • 3rd Party Service Provider Utilization reconciliation
  • Medicare/Medicaid Technical Accounting
  • Billing/EMR/CRM software implementation/support
  • A/R / DSO analysis/reconciliation

Performance Enhancement for Mergers & Acquisitions

If your organization is in the process of seeking an LOI for an acquisition/merger or you have already negotiated a conclusive agreement, you must develop or continue to develop a margin improvement strategy that attracts/coincides with the expectations of a larger combined organization as partners. 

WFAP Consulting provides experienced executive resources who will prepare your financial reports pre-transaction — ensuring that any alliances produced by such a merger are united in purpose and form.

Planning for the Future

Phase 1: Financial Performance Improvement

Pre-transaction opportunities to develop higher desirability

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Physician Services

Phase 2: Integration Implementation

Post transaction strategies to provide a smoother transition

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Operations

Turnaround Performance Enhancement

In the current environment of ever-changing regulations and economic forecasts, hospitals often face economic downturns that cannot easily be resolved. Problems in revenue, production, debts, and  volume require a financially focused partner to develop the proper strategy and quick implementation of solutions that will drive economic performance for the best possible results.

Using a proven team structure, a strict project management process and the experience of senior CEO and CFO talent simultaneously, we forecast the greatest opportunities for economic growth and implement proven strategies in:

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Utilization Reconciliation
  • Physician Services
  • Debt Management
  • EMR/CRM Software Implementation
  • Investor and Rating
  • Agency Relations
  • 3rd Party Service Provider Utilization Reconciliation
  • Managed Care and Pricing
  • Supply Chain and IT