Utilities Financial Consulting

Tap into our deep industry experience and suite of services designed to transform operations for power generators and other asset-intensive companies. We help you drive profitability, optimize costs and increase efficiency of your conventional power plants and renewables.

Utility CFO/Senior Executive Management

  • Technical Regulatory Accounting

  • Interested Party Rate Case Support

  • Strategic/Financial Planning/Analysis

  • Short Term and Long Term Forecasting

  • Excess Earnings Analysis /Cost of Service

How We Can Help

  • Interested/Intervenor Party /  Technical regulatory Accounting (FERC) support including interrogatory response support
  • Base rate Technical Accounting
  • Excess Earnings Analysis / Cost of Service Technical Accounting
  • Deferred tax analysis / Ratemaking/Book/Tax including Perm/Temporary tax differences
  • Tax provision accounting / Cost of Service Tax provision
  • GAAP to Ratemaking Technical Accounting reconciliation / Corporate Budget versus Rate Case Analysis
  • Theoretical Depreciation reserves versus book depreciation reserve analysis / Base Rate recovery / Net Book Value Calculations
  • Preparation/Guidance with motions to protect legal interests from both a Shareholder and ratepayer perspective in a rate case proceeding
  • SEC Holding Company Accounting / Cash Flow reporting / Ratemaking versus GAAP Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Decreased operations and maintenance costs
  • Increased workforce efficiency
  • Improved asset utilization/plant performance
  • Increased operational performance and reliability of equipment

Your company is driven by numbers. Having a strategic CFO consultant as a partner in your financial strategy can help you understand these numbers and use them (and current economic trends) to help develop accurate forecasting and budgeting. This empowers you to make intelligent business decisions backed by financial data.

Our main objective is to help you grow your business in a strategic, sustainable way. We will work with you to set monthly and annual goals and use these goals to drive intelligent financial decisions.

We have prepared hundreds of long-term and short-term financial forecasts for clients. These forecasts help create detailed plans for achieving growth and development goals with the least amount of financial waste. These forecasts are an invaluable tool in driving budgeting and developmental decisions.

If your organization is currently suffering from cash flow issues or is simply interested in optimizing costs, our consulting CFO’s can help.  We’re experienced in dozens of industries but we also recognize that the utilities industry is quite different.  We use our deep industry experience, in the utilities industry, to get a base of your existing financial trends and look for opportunities in your present operation where your financial activities can be optimized.